Aleejin, The Man With The Plan

For my first blog on the A to Z Challenge, I will be talking about the character Aleejin from my WIP. This obviously is for the letter A.

So who is Aleejin and what's with the name? Well as far as the name goes I actually derived it from the name Legion in the Bible. I overheard someone talking one time and they were mentioning something about the story of Legion in the gospels when they had a short pause before the word legion came out. Within this quick pause was the typical "aaa" sound when your mind is trying to pull out the necessary  information while leaving your voice to fill in the gap. From this odd combination I heard the sound aaa legion, and this was when I thought, "Hey, that would make a cool name!" Thus I came up with the cool name Aleejin, or at least I think it was cool.

Now we know the history of the name, but the question of who still remains. Who is Aleejin, and what's so significant about him? These are the questions that so many characters in my WIP would love to have the answers to. Aleejin at first seems like another obstacle and enemy to overcome to the story's protagonist Levi, but as time goes on he realizes that there is more going on with Aleejin than first meets the eye. However what that might be is the big question that drives Levi nuts.

So here is what's known about Aleejin. He declares himself as the King of the Raiders, which is a band of crooks that pillage the surrounding fortresses of mankind. He has kept himself hidden for the most part letting his adopted son Nigarious take all the credit for the raiders misdeeds giving him the title, "Prince of the Raiders." As far as anyone is concerned, it is Nigarious that leads the raiders.

Another fact about Aleejin is that he keeps many secrets. His men trust him because he knows things that most do not. He always seems to know what's going on, and always has a plan to implement. How he can know so much despite the fact that he is isolated on an island with no form of modern communications is a mystery to even his son who admits his frustration about the fact. Aleejin never reveals much about himself or how he knows what he does, but constantly speaks of a coming event that will arise in the near future. It is this event that he has been preparing his men for, though not even they know what it is.

Levi, at multiple times, attempts to escape Aleejin, but constantly finds himself falling into his traps. He does everything the man wants him to do whether he likes it or not, realizing  that his every move has been predicted and used against his will. This of course frustrates Levi as he wonders if there is anything he can do that hasn't already been expected and planned for by Aleejin.

Aleejin is the man with the plan, whatever that plan may be. He has the characteristics of a professional con man making people do what he wants them to do, and unfortunately the protagonist finds himself under the man's influence. However, there is one thing that Levi seems to have over him. A symbol marks Aleejin's face, and for whatever reason Levi is the only one that can see it. What it means remains a mystery to Levi, but he soon begins to learn that he is involved with something bigger than he at first thought.      




Hi, checking out your blog for the A-Z Challenge. Your badge is really cool! I've got to learn to use graphics better.



Hey Shannon thanks for stopping by. I liked the badge for its creepy style, but that's just me. You have a great day.


I like the idea of story Andrew and would very much like to hear more. Good luck with the challenge!



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