B is for Braliks

For day two on the A to Z challenge I will be writing about the Braliks from my WIP. This of course will be for the letter B.

The Bralik family is a family line filled with sorrows and ills. Their name in history is unknown, having no wealth, fortune, or power, but instead have been a common people like most others. They have no royal blood, significant influence, or noteworthy accomplishments. The Braliks were just another family trying to live fulfilling lives, but then a tragedy struck mankind as a whole.

The Rebirtha attacked pushing mankind into hiding and enslaving the rest. Life changed for everyone and the Braliks were among the affected. They were seized and put into captivity, but shown special favor by the Akilian, which is the leader of the Rebirtha. Why they were shown such favor is a mystery to most, but as Mr. Bralik comments in the story, he reveals that he is as much a slave as anybody else.

The Braliks are not normal, and they do have secrets despite their being common. The thing that sets the Braliks apart from everyone else is their ability to see into the past, present, and future. There is no explaining how it works, but what they know is this: Their minds are connected through time thus giving them the ability to see what each other has seen, will see, or currently is seeing. They have no control over their abilities thus causing a great deal of information overload in their brains. Very few times can they understand what it is they are seeing.

All of this constant information throughout time adds up to cause a great deal of turmoil for the Braliks, and if being connected with your family's mind wasn't enough, it gets worse. Not only are the Braliks connected together, but they are also connected with an endless amount of other beings with the same abilities. All of this interconnectedness becomes unbearably painful to the Braliks as they are unable to control the flow of information.

This is ultimately what makes the Akilian interested in the family as they have access to information that he seeks. However, progress with using the family as a source of intelligence proves to be slow, and tragedy after tragedy continues to strike the family.

First, their only son disappeared with no knowledge of his whereabouts. This brought Mrs. Bralik to the edge as her little boy was seemingly taken from her. She did not share her husband and children's abilities to see things, but this incident brought her closer to a breakdown.

The second tragedy was soon upon their doorstep as Mrs. Bralik would soon find herself in a world of agony. It is said that at one time Mr. Bralik gave her a simple touch, and that was when all his agony and all that he could see was somehow imprinted upon her mind. Mrs. Bralik could for an instance see what her husband and children could see, but it brought her to ruin. She went crazy and had to be admitted to the Rebirtha Psychiatric ward.

This only further tore the family apart as one more member of the family was gone. Now Mr. Bralik is left with his three young daughters, trapped in an adorned mansion which proves to be their prison.                 


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