Tierikium is a large land mass, six hundred miles in length and around eight hundred miles in width. I have talked a little about it in a previous blog about the island of Dritheena which is a few miles south of Tierikium. This land mass will be my A to Z topic for today.
Tierikium was formed by a volcanic eruption in the Pacific nearly sixty years before my story takes place. It was different than other volcanic islands though because of its quickly established ecosystem. Trees were fully grown in a matter of weeks along with other vegetation and rivers were already carving their way through the land. Within a year the ecosystem was stable and Tierikium was quickly colonized by the current governmental powers.
Tierikium is known for its abundant mountain ranges and forest. There are the Eastern Mountains which travel up the eastern coast of the land, then the Groamine mountains towards the north west, and the another short but large range at the northern tip of Tierikium. I have not yet come up with a name for these mountains.
There is also the large Saranbleem desert which takes up a large portion of Tierikium, and it is known as the glowing desert. Though barren it is quite rich with colors in the night ranging from deep red, orange, and yellow. The desert also has many rocky structures which tower into the sky and the rounded Humped Mountains toward its northern edge.
There are also the swamp lands spanning the area between the Groamine Mountains and the northern most mountains. The famous slave city of Stilathrone is in the center of these swamp lands, built upon a large rocky mesa overlooking the swamps.
Much more land lies to west of Tierikium but I have yet to develop it in my story. These are the major characteristics though and hold a great deal of adventures for my characters.   


Sounds very intriguing. When will you be finished writing the story? I'm just A to Z-ing it. Have a great week. Stop on by and visit me sometime.


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