Levi is the main protagonist in my WIP and has many peculiar traits. First off he is considered an outsider to the people of the fort in which he dwells. Many people are superstitious in those days and trust doesn't come easily to the people who have been hiding for their lives in the mountains.
This doesn't help Levi considering that he just one day woke up in the fort. No one knows how he got there or how he got past the guards and city walls. He just seemed to appear there one day, and whats even worse for him is that he has no memory of who he is. Levi is just as confused as the people are, but that doesn't ease anyone's nerves.
Levi also has certain abilities unlike the others which he keeps to himself in order to avoid more conflict. He can feel things move around him whether it's ants scurrying across the ground or a bird dashing through the air. This of coarse lets him sense things that the others cannot, and he soon realizes that not everything on the island is as it always seems.    


I think Levi sounds pretty cool. It would be good to have special powers.


Sounds like a good theme. I like the name Levi. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet blog is at myqualityday.blogspot.com


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