For today’s A to Z challenge I will be talking about the character Vailen in my WIP.
Vailen is a minor character, being the older brother to Philip who is the best friend of Levi. He has his role to play though mainly in the second book which is to help the main character, Levi, to track down the raiders who heading to sea. They have something of utmost importance to Levi, and though once he was trying to escape from them, he is now hunting them.
Vailen assists Levi in this expedition, which is short lived, but without his help Levi would never have gotten where he needed to be.                                                    


I have found many feeling the way you are right now. Last year I had written ideas on what every post would be about. This year I didn't do that and I fell behind on a few posts because I just couldn't think of a thing! It's OK, its almost over.
Blessings, Joanne


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