X, No More

X can stand for something that once was but is no longer. For instance x convict. So I am going to talk about something that all three of my main characters in my WIP are not any longer.
First off is Isaac Kierken. He is an X ICON agent. He use to work for the International Control agency, which is basically a world police/military force, but quit after the international powers collapsed due to the Rebirtha attack. Isaac is now working with the Rebirtha though they were his most hated enemy at one time.
Mathew is an X soldier for the town of Ambern. Now that’s not what most retired soldiers are called, but I’ll have to go with it in order for it to work with X. Mathew use to work for the military but took a job with the local Bionine facility as an escort for a team of scientist. Of course his first job with them never got under way before the town was attacked.
Then Levi is a X member of the Klitar clan. The Klitar was a group of humans that sought refuge in an old fortress in the mountains. Levi was enlisted into their military after he woke up without his memory. Fort Klitar was destroyed however by a Rebirtha attack, and now Levi is on a journey that will determine the fate of mankind. 


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