The Island of Dritheena

What constitutes an island as an island? When does an island become a continent? I'm not entirely sure what the answers to these questions are though I do remember taking a geography course on the subject before, but like so many other subjects in school I have forgotten them. However for this segment today I will be talking about the island of Dritheena, whether it is an island or not.

Actually I'm pretty sure Dritheena would be classified as an island, but it is its sister island, Tierikium, that I am unsure about. Tierikium is nearly six hundred miles long and probably four hundred miles in width but it is surrounded by water. For a better picture it is about the size of Alaska if not bigger, but this is getting off subject. I am talking about the smaller Dritheena which off of the southern coast of Tierikium. 

Dritheena along with its sister islands, and maybe one continent, was created in a large volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately the western coasts of the U.S. were obliterated by the tsunamis that occurred due to the explosion, but a new landmass was formed in the ocean. The largest mass came to be called Tierikium while its smaller sister was called Dritheena. 

These newly formed masses were not normal however, as in a matter of days, vegetation could already be observed. Trees grew at an accelerated rate, and streams formed into rivers which further carved out the land. In a year the land masses had fully stable ecosystems as well as a large variety of climates all pressed together.  The large Saranbleem dessert would quickly turn to lush green plains with the icy mountains farther to the north. Once again, I have become side tracked with Tierikium so lets return to Dritheena. 

The smaller island, though not as spectacular as its sister, has its peculiar traits. It has an almost crescent moon shaped appearance, and has an abundance of mountains including the largest mountain, Pieriom. This mountain is probably the most significant trait for Dritheena as it jets straight up into the air like a tower where two large spires peak at the very top. 

The mountain, though peculiar looking, is much more spectacular once one reaches the top between the two spires. A whole new world seems to form nearly hundreds of feet in the air. Forests that literally glow in the dark with many vibrant colors, spread across its terrain along with sparkling pools of water. A large bridge can be seen hanging between the two spires above the forest where it leads to a hidden castle. This is perhaps the biggest mystery of all, as the island is only around sixty years old, but it is littered with man-made architecture that looks to be hundreds of years old. As if this wasn't enough to boggle ones mind, there is also no trace of the builders of these structures. It is as if these structures appeared out of nowhere forming from the land masses themselves.

This is the big mystery of Dritheena as well as Tierikium which has similar characteristics. No one really knows what the origin of the islands are except for the volcanic eruption which had taken place nearly sixty years prior, but obviously this eruption was more than volcanic. Some even wonder if it was more than an accident. Whatever the truth behind these islands are, there is one thing for sure. They have become the final refuge for mankind as a new enemy arises from the darkness.                  


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