Quit, Quiet, and Quite

I could not think of anything in my WIP for the letter Q so I have decided to describe each of my main characters with a word that starts with Q. So here I go for this A to Z challenge.
Quiet—My main protagonist, Levi, is more of a quiet person. He cannot remember who he is or where he came from, and thus experiences a lot of confusion as to what he should do. This tends to keep him quiet as he tries to figure things out. Levi is also non-confrontational but it seems to find him nonetheless. Levi must learn the courage he needs to accomplish his task and find out who he really is.
Quit—My next character Mathew will not quit for anything. He is determined to find out what’s going on in his town, and will not stop searching for his father who went missing when he was a kid. There are people and monsters that that seek to hold him back, but he refuses to give up.
Quite—Isaac Kierken is quite the fighter. He is a super soldier and, unlike Levi, always seeks a good challenge. He looks for confrontation and eliminates anything that could be a possible threat to him. He often times becomes cocky due to his enhanced strength and never turns down a challenge, even if it’s a trap.


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