G for Grandis Maximus

Grandis Maximus, the man mentioned in my previous blog, is one of those characters that I threw in at the last minute. I never had much plans for him but created him at the spare of the moment to place in my climax.
Grandis is described as a brute or a giant as he is nearly nine feet tall, and massive in size. He carried two large handguns which to the protagonist, Levi, looked like cannons.  He is a bald headed man with almost pale white skin, and his personality is a bit shallow, showing no fear even in the bad circumstances he finds himself in.
Who is Grandis though? What was his point in the story and what is he up to? Well Grandis is really a prelude to a future enemy that appears in the second book. Grandis doesn’t last long, being killed in his first scene, but there are many like him to follow.
This isn’t the first time this enemy has been seen though. In my story line are two other characters named Mathew and Isaac who are just experiencing this new enemy’s uprising. They know very little about them, but what they learn is that the Rebirtha, whom they feared, were not the only things to fear.
Grandis Maximus is the first encounter with the new enemy that Levi has in the book, but he can expect many more encounters throughout the series. 


A short-lived character can often have a lasting impression. Sounds like an intriguing fellow, this Grandis Maximus.

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Sounds like my son would enjoy that book!
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