They Mystery of Shorkmeth

Shorkmeth is another character in my WIP and is a Rebirtha. He is a part of the very species that has pushed mankind into hiding and enslaved the rest.
Shorkmeth carries many scars on his face like most Rebirtha, including extreme burns on one side, but according to Isaac Kierken Shorkmeth looks strangely more human than other Rebirtha. He is also one of the Akilian’s best soldiers, the Akilian being the leader of the Rebirtha.
However Shorkmeth’s main role in the story is to mentor Isaac according to the ways of the Rebirtha. He helps Isaac gain acceptance from the skeptical Rebirtha and guides him to his rightful path according to the Akilian’s plans.
Isaac finds Shorkmeth different than the other Rebirtha, but he is not sure what the difference is. He does not know why the Rebirtha is so dedicated about helping him but as the story goes on Isaac discovers a shocking truth as to who Shorkmeth really is. 


You've got a great knack for characterization. Sounds like there's lots of room for a dark, brooding past.

Answering your question: I haven't decided strictly traditional or self publish - I'm leaving all possibilities open. There are great advantages to going traditional, so I'm trying that first (and still in the thick of querying). This is actually a great topic. I'll go into it deeper this Friday. Thanks! :)


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