I already talked a bit about the mountain Pieriom in my blog on Dritheena, but I have no other topic that starts with P to use. So I will be talking a bit more about it today on this A to Z challenge.
Pieriom is the tallest mountain on the island of Dritheena, and has two tall spires on the top of it. Between these two spires is a long and wide valley filled with all kinds of strange plants and structures. A lot of the plants glow in the dark and wield a large variety of color. The stones too will at times glow giving off a yellowish light in the night. All of this combines together and creates a beautiful canvas of colors.
There are also strange structures that look to be hundreds of years old, but couldn’t be any older than sixty years since the island was created by a volcanic eruption. The builders responsible for the structures are nowhere to be seen either which leaves an unknown world at the top of Pieriom. Only those who dare to venture to the top know about what exist up there. 


Well, your P beats porn, popcorn and some of the other P's I have run across today. lol


Thanks. I guess some people just don't have a very active imagination.


You made your thre 'Q' words quite interesting. Sometimes, a reader doesn't want to get into an author's head, but your descriptions fir nicely. Blog on!



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