K is for knowledge which has a verb form of know. Know as in, "I do not know what to write about K in this A to Z challenge. I can not think of anything in my story that starts with K and now that I think of it I can not think of many words that do. There is the word knife and knack, but these are all I can think of at the moment.
Another thing I noticed is that every word that starts with K, at least every word I can think of, does not make the k sound but it is silent as in know, knife, and knack. I find this peculiar as every word that does make the k sound at the beginning starts with a c rather than a k. For example cat, can, cube, cake, cool, cathode, camera, etc.
What is the deal here? Why is the letter c, which makes more of an s sound, always taking the place of k? K is bigger looking after all so why is it always being taken advantage of by the c? The letter k even as two legs which I believe would give it an advantage over the little c which has the shape of a broken wheel. So why is it that c beats k all the time?
I do not know why k is so silent at the beginning of words, and I guess it just has a knack for being taken advantage of.  


LOL! Love this post. I just posted my ~k~ post, not because I didn't have something in my WIP to post about with this letter, but because this one just wanted to be difficult.

Your post made me laugh. Always appreciated.


Thanks I'm glad I could make someone's day. Even if it just for a short while.


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