It is now day three of the A to Z challenge and the character Carthus is up next to be profiled as the letter C is the letter of the day. A Google search on this name would bring up the following image, but the Carthus I speak of is not this Marvel comic book character.


Now the Carthus in my story has no resemblance to this guy whom I have never heard of before, but he does have his unusual qualities. The subject of Carthus is a tricky one however, but I will do my best to describe the situation without giving away to many details.

The first time Carthus's name is brought up is in the prologue where one of my characters has a type of vision of the future. This character, Kinie with a long i sound at the end, overhears two men having a conversation in his vision. He does not know who these men are except for one named Archaies whom he has heard of in previous visions. Archaies seems to be looking for something and the other man sets out to give him directions on how to find what he seeks. Thus the man begins to speak about two Levis that are rivals with one another. He talks about how both these men share the same name, but one is an impostor while the other is the real Levi. One of them is also a master of death with the power to kill thousands while the other goes about unseen. He goes on to explain how the impostors real name is Carthus, but it is up to the man named Archaies to figure out which one has what he seeks. Is it Carthus the impostor, or is it the real Levi?

Anyhow this is how the story starts off as the rest of the book covers the life of one of the Levis. Whether this is the real Levi or the impostor is to be determined as the story progresses, but the name Carthus soon reappears as things get complicated with the characters.



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