Mathew and the Morgni

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The Morgni (with a long I sound) are an unknown entity that dwells on Tierikium and its sister islands. They protect the humans from the Rebirtha, but no one knows who or what they are. There are many theories however. Some say they are spirits, guardians of mankind, while others say they are only humans who hunt the Rebirtha. Still others just don't believe they exist, but there is no doubt about the fact that something is killing the Rebirtha when they get to close to threatening mankind's final strongholds.

Mathew is a Morgni sign reader which is somebody that reads the signs left behind by the Morgni. These signs warn people about traps and direct them to important supplies.
Mathew was abandoned by his father around the age fifteen, a year or so before the Rebirtha invaded. His fathers disappearance has always remained unexplained but most people assumed the worse while he assumed there was something more going on. He and his father had always had a close relationship despite the fact that his mother died while giving birth to him. His father never blamed him though and always made sure that his son wouldn't blame himself for his mothers death.
Mathew doesn't know what happened to his father, but he refuses to believe that he abandoned him. What he does remember though is that his father had grown considerably paranoid about something shortly before his disappearance. This leads Mathew to believe that something more was going on with his father.  


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