Final Fight

The letter F is in for today and I am here to talk about the Final Fight. Every story has one and every plot is incomplete if left out. It can either be a physical fight, emotional conflict, or something else entirely, but no matter what it is the final fight always presents a challenge for the hero of the plot. This is the climax of the story.
For today I have posted a scene in my WIP which precedes the final fight between my character Levi and the mysterious voice. Its technically still a rough draft but I've smoothed it over a bit.

Grandis looked down towards Levi’s hand that still held onto the disk. Levi pulled it closer as if to protect it, but he didn't know whether he was willing to risk his life for it. He stared into the brutes eyes waiting for what would happen next.
“Go forward.” The voice spoke. “Kill them and take the key. Then your mission will have been accomplished.”
“Is this some kind of trick?” Grandis responded, still with no hint of fear in his voice.
“Of course not, these raiders are trespassers here in my fortress. You on the other hand can be considered my guest because I brought you here.” Fear pushed Levi’s heart to a race. Frantically he began looking for a way out. 
“Now all you have to do is take the ring from his hand, and place it up there where the beam of light is emitted above the door," the voice continued. 
“Why don’t you show yourself you coward, instead of hiding?” Shaefgan shouted.
“Kill them Grandis.” The voice barked. “And take the key for your prize.”
Not responding Grandis seemed to ponder his situation. Levi and Shaefgan stared in horror as the giant stepped forward with his guns out. Levi squinted as he prepared to have his brains blown out, but without warning a loud whoosh sounded followed by a loud grunt. Grandis stumbled forward as an arrow shot straight through his back and out his chest on the floor between Shaifgan and Levi. The brute was still up though and swung around towards the position of its shooter, but another arrow pierced through the shadows and shot him straight through the forehead before he was able to pull the triggers.
Levi watched as the brute stood where he was. It seemed like slow motion as the guns dropped from his hands while his large body fell backwards. It made a loud thud when it hit the floor between Levi and Shaefgan.
Another laugh followed afterwards, but this time it came from one area on the balcony in front of them.
“Never mind, I have a better idea.” The voice said as a shadowy figure appeared stepping forward toward the balcony edge.
 A large bow was in one hand while a spear like arrow was in the other. The figure spread his arms open before slowly swinging them behind his back. He then moved them back to his sides, but the bow and arrow was gone. 


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