The Oam is a bizarre anomaly in my WIP that will substitute for the letter O in today’s A to Z challenge.
The Oam is one of those things that I decided to throw in last minute just to make things more interesting. It wasn’t until later that I figured out what it was exactly, and how it related to the story. Now it is a vital part of the plot and without it my story would be incomplete.
You cannot see an Oam, but you can feel it. It is more like a presence that you sense than a physical object. When one finds themselves in the presence of an Oam they will feel a strong sense of anxiety and dread. People must be careful when in the presence of one of these things because they are known to drain any will to live you might have. Thus when you give in to its influence you will lose all motivation and find yourself idling under its presence. This is not good as it next eats you alive.
What is the Oam, and where does it come from? People aren’t really sure, but they are a common phenomenon on Tierikium and its sister islands.  


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