ICON is an acronym for International Control which will be the subject for today’s A to Z challenge.
ICON is basically an international police slash military force. They are responsible for managing the affairs of the international powers which includes the international science organization Bionine.
Bionine is the lead scientific community of the world and was established to pioneer the future of the government’s scientific industry. It accomplished its purpose by bringing the space industry to new levels by establishing the first colonies on the moon and Mars. It is also responsible for revolutionizing the worlds technological age by bringing computers to an all new level of prestige. Bionine however is only one aspect of the international powers, being one in many.
The ICON branch is the group responsible for enforcing the powers agenda as well as making sure the governments don’t over step there bounds. It is known to butt heads with Bionine at times due to certain disagreements. 
ICON, though a symbol of peace, is often involved with covering up things that the leading powers don’t want the public to find out about. Thus ICON is the agency responsible for containing the darker secrets of those in power and managing the other international agencies.                      


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You had me there for a moment and then I realized you were describing the entities of your world. I think it is always an excellent idea to have one's readers informed so that they can read with understanding and enjoy the tale.



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