New Book, "Ground of Oam". An Epic Adventure Unfolds.

After seven months of silence, a new book dawns upon the world to change the very nature of science fiction and fantasy. (Warning, this is a sales pitch.) Ground of Oam is now available here on Amazon kindle; buy it now, or borrow it for free on amazon prime. A free sample also awaits on amazon if you wish to test it before purchase. Just click the picture as you would any other book to read the sample.

Ground of Oam is the first installment out of a new, but long anticipated, series called "Oam's Cry". Created by two brothers, my brother and myself, Oam's Cry spans several hundred years. This first installment takes place in the year 2060 upon a series of islands that formed in the pacific around the year 2015. A foul creature known as the Rebirtha now rule the islands, while mankind has been pushed into hiding. The condition of the outside world is unknown.
Meet the three characters of the novel, Levi who has forgotten his past and must search for the one thing that might reveal to him his forgotten memories. Matthew, whose father went missing at the age of fifteen, now must decide whether he should pursue his dreams of adventure like his father, or defend his hometown from a new threat. Isaac Kierken, a bio-engineered super-soldier who previously worked for the now fallen international powers, seeks to join the ranks of the Rebirtha. In order to prove his new found loyalty to them he must steal something from the humans whom he once swore to protect. However, what begins as a simple retrieval mission brings him to the brink of a new war, and it is he that must decide its declaration.
I am excited to finally see this book published, and I hope readers will enjoy it as much as I did writing it. As mentioned before, Ground of Oam, is only the first installment out of a three book series. However, what my brother and I have created is much bigger than that. While I will be covering the early era of Oam's Cry, my brother will be covering the future era taking place over a hundred years later. He still has yet to finish it, but I am excited to see our project unfolding at last. Check out the book on amazon and please leave a review. Now that it is out there I must begin the process of promoting it, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to post more on this topic soon.