In today’s challenge I shall talk about Jethrim Brass.
Jethrim is another minor character in my WIP that has only a couple scenes. He is the father of the protagonist’s best friend Philip. Jethrim’s family treated Levi well unlike the other people in town who distrusted him which gave Levi a sense of duty to protect them when the time came, and his time did come as he had to protect Jethrim’s wife from a Rebirtha attack.
Jethrim is a thinly built man and wears a white goatee on his face along with his thick white hair. He is married to a woman named Lodan and has two sons. The first born is Vailen who helps Levi out later on in the story and the youngest is Philip who is Levi’s best friend.
This is the Brass family and though not a significant one, Levi would never have been able to get where he is now without their help.                    


Hi there Andrew, I am dropping by from the A-Z Challenge. I have just been reading some of your posts about your characters, they sound really interesting. I wish you success.



This sounds really great, Andrew! Wishing you all the best with your wip and characters.

Hope you're having a good week and happy A to Z!!


you bring up great points there:) actually I think the K really sounds tougher than C:)
Happy A-Zing!


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