U is for undead, and because I cannot think of anything in my story to fit the letter U, I will have to go with it for this A to Z challenge.
The undead is a subject I have always been interested in and in some ways they have influenced my WIP concerning the Rebirtha. However my point for this blog will be on different plot ideas for the undead.
There are quite a few undead creatures that have been used over the years like zombies, vampires, and even ghost. What I have not yet seen though is a story using all three creatures. What happens when a zombie bites a vampire or if a vampire bites a zombie? Would a vampire even want to bite a zombie? Then what about a ghost?
You could basically classify a zombie as a body without a spirit, leaving only its rotting flesh, and then classify a ghost as a spirit without its body. If this is the case then what do you get when a ghost possesses a zombie. A living human? I don’t know but maybe my presuppositions are wrong concerning what a zombie is.
Here is an idea though. What if you had a story where a ghost ran into its zombie turned body? What would that be like to see your old body rotting but living? What would the ghost do? Perhaps try and repossess it if it could.
What of vampires then? How do they fit into the mix? They too are considered dead or without a soul, depending on which movie you watch, but no one would consider them a zombie. What defines them separately from the zombies?
Here is an idea. What if vampires are the cause of zombies? Maybe a zombie comes from a sick vampire that bit someone, but instead of the victim turning into a vampire he turns into a zombie. This new plague quickly begins to spread as sick vampires contaminate the human population as well as the zombies who too spread it. Think of the consequences. Vampires would begin to lose their food supply to the living dead, and thus they would have to team up with the human’s to find a cure. This however would cause quite a bit of conflict for the humans.
Perhaps the ghost would be the only winner in this situation. 


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