The Lord of Plagues

In the realm of my book there is a story told among few folk. It is a story largely forgotten by mankind, and remembered only by those that have fought to preserve it. I've decided to add that story here, so you'll have to let me know what you think of it.

 This is a story of a time long ago and a place long lost. A small land that thrived with mankind and his cities. It was a civilization with prosperity, and ruled by a king that governed with a strict hand. It is said that this king wore a crown of iron and a robe of plain wool. His court was dark with wood and iron, brick and stone, but the one thing that drew every persons eyes was his spear of fine gold. 

His kingdom flourished with traders and merchants from farther lands past the sea. Peace was common  and forgotten, but a day came when a great fire fell from the sky consuming everything in its midst. From this fire came a plague that swept through the mountains and the valleys of the land. Men turned against each other and cities fell to ruin. Peace became a wanted thing as a new lord rose to power, and the Lord of Plagues became his name.   

There was hope however. As legend tells it there was a young boy and a prince from a foreign land that found companionship with each other, and from this companionship they found the strength to push back the lord and his plague. It was in the end that this plague was consumed by fire. Thus by fire it came and by fire it went, but there was one thing that was left behind. 

People still feared however for the return  of the plague, and for the fire from the sky. Time went on and people forgot until only a few remembered the past, but no one ever did know what had happened to the young boy and to the prince that saved them from their doom.             


Well, I'm definitely interested in knowing the whats and hows! :) Great job.


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Hmm... this piece would actually make a great synopsis for a bigger story/novel.



Interesting. I would like to know more. Seems like what you have here is a bigger to a much bigger concept. I'll have to keep an eye out for what you post in the future.

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Thanks for the feedback.


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