Book One

It has nearly been three years ago since I started writing my first book out of a series I plan to continue. However this includes all the times I had scrapped it and started over from scratch before I would question its worth multiple times over. At currant it has probably taken me about two years to finish this final edition of my first book. It has been a challenge filled with both excitement and dread, but I am happy to say that the book is finally in its editing stage. I look forward to publishing it, but meanwhile here is a synopsis.

The story takes place around the year 2060 on a set of strange islands that appeared in the Atlantic several years earlier. Communications have been lost with the outside world, and a foreign enemy called the Rebirtha has forced the humans into hiding.

The story centers around three characters. Levi, who has forgotten who he is except for his name. He soon learns however that there is someone out to kill him, and that he must find something called the Orbule Eye. He doesn’t know what it is, but hopes that it will reveal to him who he really is.

The second Character is Mathew, who has an encounter with a monster lurking around the outskirts of town. At first he believes that what he saw was only in his head due to a head wound, but soon notices that everyone around him seems to be acting strange.

Third there is Isaac Kierken, who is an enhanced super soldier that finds himself working for the Rebirtha, the very enemy he swore to destroy. He finds his world, and everything he thought he knew, turned upside down once he encounters a new enemy that even the Rebirtha fear.

So let me know what you think.


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