A Discipline to Read

One thing I hear often from people is that they're just not much into reading. The question that comes to my mind however when I hear this is, is the love to read something that you have, or is it a discipline? Is it something you receive through the passing on of traits, or is it something you have to work to find.
Now before I go any farther I have got to say that I can identify with those that find reading to be a challenge. I love reading, but actually doing it can be tough. There are so many books out there ,both fictional and informational, that I would love to read but I never seem to get around to doing it. This is truly a shame considering the wealth of information out there that's in easy access, and as a writer one should use this information. For it is by the reading of history, science, literature, and all other sources of information that ones imagination becomes inspired.
From my own personal experience I believe the love to read comes from a discipline to read. I find that it is when I make myself sit down and read that I find true desire for more books, and it is ultimately through this reading that I find my imagination inspired and exercised. So my challenge for you ,as well as I, is to sit down and read something.            


I love to read, but I understand when people say they don't have time. I might spend an entire day reading a book and do nothing else without meaning to.

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Interesting point--and I think you're right about there being a discipline to read.

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I went through a dry spell during high school and college where I didn't read much for pleasure at all. Doesn't help that I'm a slow reader (compared to others, it seems) to begin with. I'm also incredibly picky about what I read because although I "like" reading, there are very few stories that truly inspire or even entertain me. So I feel like that what used to be a very natural thing for me to enjoy is now a discipline. If I don't set aside times where I just sit and read, I never read at all.

Interesting post =)


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