New Series Starting this Thursday

So it's a cool spring morning where I am at, which is good compared to the snow laden days we have been having up here in Montana. Lately it has been snowing throughout the night only to melt off in the day, but I sense warmer weather coming (for now). The only problem with warmer weather is more wind, something Montana has a problem with. If I were to be living in the mountains it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but then again I would have more snow to deal with.
Don't forget about my free book promotion coming up this weekend; I will be sure to post again when it begins. However, what I really wanted to make this current post for was to remind you that I will be starting my new series this Thursday; so be sure to stop by. From now on, every Thursday will feature a seven hundred word chapter from my new short story which precedes my first book. It has been a fun challenge writing it, as I am having to keep each chapter concise but exciting. I still have yet to finish it, but there is a good enough head start that I should be able to keep up with it. Of course by this time I have no choice but to keep up with it.
A short description of the story follows:
Arius is soon to be married to his fiancee, though controversy stirs within the family. Months before the marriage he is shipped out on a voluntary mission which is said to be a simple honor mission for his country. He is convinced to volunteer by his future father in law whom Arius hopes to gain the favor of before the wedding. However, things turn bad when the true nature of the mission is revealed. Arius must not only achieve the unimaginable,  but he must survive among a team of mercenaries who make a practice of killing. Not only that, but one of them is a traitor whom Arius believes has been hired to dispose of him.
This story is science fiction and takes place upon a foreign world which will have its identity revealed in the story. I hope you'll stop by Thursday to check it out, and feel free to leave some comments.        


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