Free Ground of Oam and New Chapters Every Week

I will be having a two day free promotion for my book, "Ground of Oam," on 03/30/13 through 03/30/31. So it's not this weekend, but the weekend after. Also, the book is now available in paperback here.
In other news, I am also excited about some new projects I have started on. For one my brother and I are creating a logo for our Oam's Cry series, and hopefully it will be up soon. We're looking for something fancy and eye catching, and I think we've figured something out.
Secondly, I am planning on doing something new with my blog which will hopefully bring in some more traffic. Every Thursday I am going to post a chapter out of my new short story that I am working on. Each chapter is approximately seven hundred words long, which is about one page in Word, so it will be short and easy to read. The story will be preceding my first novel, "Ground of Oam," and will cover some of the events leading up to Book 1. It's been a challenge writing it since I have to cram so much into seven hundred words, but I have found it to be an enjoyable challenge. So if you're in need of some weekly entertainment, check back next Thursday for my pilot chapter, "Stranded." I suppose I should come up with a name for the story now, "funny how I didn't think of that until now," but in the meantime I will be looking forward to sharing it. See you next week!



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