Ch1: Stranded

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Chapter One: Stranded

Salt water sucked up into Arius’ nose causing his sinuses and lungs to burn. He opened his mouth to spew out the water, but only managed to take more in as he struggled to breath. He felt weightless as his body sunk; kicking his feet he vainly tried to find ground. His body bobbed back up to the surface where he gasped for air, only to sink back under the icy surface of the ocean.
Arius’ heart raced as he struggled against the motion of the waves. He knew how to swim, but his skill seemed to have left him for the cruel will of the ocean. His head was under again; he knew not where he faced. Bubbles swirled around his face within the dark depth of the ocean. A blue light radiated deep within the water growing brighter as it sunk. Arius knew what it was and tried to propel himself away from it, but it was too late. The light flashed before him, illuminating the dark depths for only an instance. He felt the water surge toward him, and he found himself propelled away from the blast. He surfaced for only a moment as the wave carried him skyward before he crashed back into the ocean.
More salt water breached his lungs, but now he felt a sandy surface beneath him. Kicking his feet he managed to stand up right where the cold wind now stung his skin. A small wave pushed him forward, and he stumbled farther toward the beach coughing along the way.
Shouting could be heard all around him as more figures slopped their way to the beach. Arius glanced around the perimeter to find miles of ocean behind them, and a small island ahead of them. The moon in that place was full but small compared to his home moon. Dark clouds hazed the sky, and lightning flashed miles across the ocean.
Arius stumbled back into the water which was now only a foot high. His fingers sunk into the sand which felt soft. He coughed water from his lungs before someone grabbed him from behind. Arius had little time to react as he was drug farther inland. His assailant threw him onto the dry sand before turning him around to face him.
“Are you all right Arius?” Brockumus asked, slapping him on the back two times.
It caused him to cough up more water before he waved the man off.
“It’s freezing,” he chocked out.  
“Keep moving,” Brockumus said. “We have to find shelter.”
With that the man moved on to assist the others whom were pulling out adrift luggage. They would have to take what they could and destroy the rest lest anyone discover it. The explosion would have incinerated most of their things, but there was sure to be equipment floating around the area.
Arius pushed himself to his feet and fought the weakening in his legs. The place was foreign to him, and now the only way off of the planet was destroyed. He felt a tremor in the sky as lighting streaked across it. Soon the atmosphere came crashing back together to cause a loud bang over the island. Arius’s arm hairs stood on end as he felt it vibrate through the air and sink into the ground. He could feel the entire beach beneath him. The wind through the trees, the waves against the beach. He could feel it all as his senses picked up on the slightest movement.
Turning to face the vast ocean Arius stared into the moon which was slowly disappearing behind the clouds. Its white light caressed the surface of the ocean while lightning flashed around it. A downpour opened up across the ocean, silhouetted by the moonlight. The cold rain roared toward them before the entire beach was assailed by its fury. Arius put his hand over his eyes in order shield them from the rain; his commander barked orders to them. It was time to retreat deeper inland where they could find shelter. They were on a foreign world, and they had no way off of it.

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