Oam's Cry

Several weeks ago I mentioned some projects my brother and I were working on concerning the new Oam's Cry series. One of those projects was creating a logo for the series, and here we have it at last (or at least the basic version). I hope to have a few different versions as time goes on.

Now, what is Oam's Cry?
Oam's Cry is a series based upon the childhood adventures my brother and I had growing up in Montana and abroad. Encapsulating multiple story lines of multiple worlds, our imaginations developed a world that would soon become the center of our book series.
Oam's Cry centers much around a profound event known as the Great Scatter. This is an event that forced mankind to scatter into the far reaches of space where signs of ancient alien civilization remain as a testimony to something greater that once was. Furthermore, a phenomena known as Oam's Cry haunts the far regions of space driving some to madness who wish to discover its secrets. Reminding them of a past shrouded in mystery, Oam's Cry teases at mankind's search for answers and challenges his very humanity.
My first book, Ground of Oam, takes place ten years before man's great scatter into the stars, and explores the tragic histories that lead the way to the event. The Rebirtha have seized control of Tierikium, once the center of the world, and now suppress humanity under its tyranny. The book follows three characters: Levi, who must discover his true identity, and find something called the Orbule Eye. Matthew, who must decide whether he will pursue the likeness of his father and chase his dreams for adventure, or defend his only home from a new threat. Isaac, a super-soldier who has betrayed the humans and joined the ranks of the Rebirtha. He must prove his new found loyalty by stealing something from the humans, but he is brought to the brink of a new war. A war that will be fought between the Rebirtha, and something even more terrifying, yet Isaac is the one to decide its declaration.
My brother on the other hand, will be exploring the era nearly two hundred years after the Great Scatter. Mankind has long set up his new world among the planets he inhabits, but something new is coming.
I am excited to see his book coming to fruition, and cannot wait until it is out. Check out his book cover which our sister graciously made. (notice the Oam's Cry symbol on the floor).

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